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The world and technology have taken over the entire globe and has made the entire loop function the way technology works. The technology was truly changed the entire visionary, which people used to carry about this world and the world functions. Everyone wants to attain maximum efficiency while working on something by utilization of minimal effort and technology revolutionized this idea and has made work easy and efficient. Technology has helped everyone in a lot in many ways starting from our day to day life to work in the organization, and we see that we are covered by technology in every field. Technology has been appreciated and accepted by the entire world as it features a lot of benefits and advantages to every individual or even a group or organization. A list of advantages goes on for which technology is used as a basic life methodology.

The role of Technology in an Organisation 

Technology for information technology and management as most of the work is done over a computer while an employee is working in the organization. Most of the primary forms of organization, like data storage, data processing, and data manipulation, are done in front of a computer. Even the basic functions like having the attendance of employees creating a presentation can be done by the usage of a computer with great ease and higher efficiency. The information technology sector is considered to be the backbone of the organization as it provides a lot of benefits with the organization’s experiences through the use of information technology, which boosts the performance of the organization. Performance is definitely related to the level of activities and accuracy of activities performed in the organization. There are a lot of calculations that are to be included while working in the organization in the process of estimation, budget calculation, and a lot more. All these processes require higher accuracy, and technology boosts the accuracy rate with easy and efficient calculations and providing near to perfect calculation figures. With an accuracy rate, a company is more likely to be productive and more precise when doing any calculations of statistics. A situation like we are right now a global pandemic; it is really tough to go out, but the work of the organization should not stop, and the procedure should go on. Technology has made it possible for a professional to sit anywhere around the world and produce equally efficient by sitting in front of a computer and using the provided data to function according to the assigned work of the organization. This also ensures proper comfort and convenience of the professional, ensuring proper employee satisfaction.

ITSM and its uses 

With so many advantages and usage of information technology in this world, it is really important to manage it efficiently. Information technology service Management equalizers the management of the Information technology sector and efficiently allows the company to arrange all the components of the Information technology sector to obtain the best possible results. Service Management has it owns component, and it allows the Information technology sector to design and plan all the procedures and execute them perfectly. Information technology service Management allows an organization to boost its productivity as it provides distinct roles and responsibilities to all the employees working in the information technology sector.


Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 

Gartner is one of the most renowned IT consultancy firms which produce Information technology reports and data analysis based on several factors and qualitative data. The magic quadrant by Gartner is a series of reports which represent market research and other factors related to the market. The magic quadrant represents the present scenario of the market suggest the market trend, participants, and maturity. This provides a detailed study of the current scenario functioning in the market. The magic quadrant has its own criteria, which allow the firm to present the data about the market. The criteria are the market description and evaluation criteria. Gartner uses several tools like action, Adeptia, denote, Hitachi Vantara and a lot more for defining the situation in the market, and for the process of evaluation, it uses tools likeability to execute, completeness of vision and a lot more.


Information technology research materials are proved to be extremely beneficial to a lot of organizations as it might state the idea about the situation of the market. Guitar uses the above-mentioned tools to create appropriate and exact data about the situation, making it extremely beneficial for the organizations.

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