Visa Run From Cambodia From Pattaya

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Many foreigners called Pattaya on the east coast of Thailand a second or even the permanent residence and all of them need to do a visa run once in their life. canada pr process

What is a visa run?

A visa run is when a foreigners in Thailand travel to a close country to Thailand like Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia or Singapore for a short time.

Some people stay for a couples of days and apply for a visa and some just go out from Thailand enters the other country and goes back to into Thailand.

The Thai government have tried to stop the worst visa runs and are for the moment just giving another 15 days when you cross a land border.

Visa run from Pattaya to Cambodia

Any given day there is at least 5 vans that leaves Pattaya and heads for the Cambodian border to do a visa run. Most of these foreigners are from westerns countries since some countries in developing countries cannot get a visa to Cambodia on arrival.

In Pattaya there is about 10 different companies that do visa runs to the Cambodian border from Pattaya and the price range from 1800-2500 THB. The competition is really big so it is really up to you want company you pick. The more expensive once have a bigger van and free breakfast and dinner and the cheaper once just give you free water.

Whatever tour you take they are all well organized and they take care of everything for the visa runner, from pick up at his home in Pattaya to filling in the visa application form.

Some visa companies in Thailand even cross the border for their customers but that kind of practice should not been encourage since they are breaking the law.

When you do a visa run from Cambodia to Pattaya you only have to walk about 50 meters across the borders, take a quick lunch for 30 min and go back across the border.

What to do in Cambodia?

The visa run is so fast that you probably don’t have time to do anything else then eat lunch and buy some cigarettes and alcohol to cheap prices. Just be careful what you buy because some of the package just has fake cigarettes inside, be sure to ask your guide and driver for advice. Don’t by any medications even if they are cheap you can get arrested for smuggling in Thailand.

The small town on the Cambodian side is just a few Casinos and the Lonely Planet describes it as a hangout for the mass murders from the former Red Khmers.

Some advice for visa run

Be on time for the pick up so your fellow travelers don’t have to wait for you and out of respect to your fellow passengers a shower before you leave is always good.

You need two photos and one passport copy to give to the driver and they will take care of the rest.

Don’t carry things across the border for other is you don’t know what it is. If you help some carry cigarettes or alcohol keep them on your seat well inside Thailand because the Thai police have check points. Ask your driver for the limit to take across for more accurate information.

If you planning to travel in Cambodia tell driver well in advance since they will take care of your Cambodia visa and stamp you in and out from Cambodia. So if you don’t tell them you will have no visa in Cambodia.

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